Pre-Order in the Furniture Industry: Affordable Solutions in Times of Rising Energy Prices and Global Economic Hardship

Pre-Order in the Furniture Industry: Affordable Solutions in Times of Rising Energy Prices and Global Economic Hardship

In the ever-evolving world of consumer goods, the furniture industry has adapted to meet the demands of both customers and market challenges. One such adaptation is the introduction of pre-orders, innovative solutions that can help customers secure their desired furniture items, even during times of energy, transportation price hikes and economic uncertainty.

Understanding Pre-Orders

On our online furniture store, pre-order is a term used to describe a purchasing process that allows customers to reserve items that are currently not yet available in our UK-based warehouse but available in our overseas warehouse or factory. This option has become increasingly popular because it offers several advantages to both consumers and retailers.

When a product is labelled as "Pre Order" on our online store (, it means that the item is currently not available in our UK-based warehouse but is expected to be restocked soon from our overseas factory or warehouse. Customers can choose to pre-order the product, which essentially reserves it for them before it becomes available. During the checkout process, the order type will be specified as a "Pre Order."

Guaranteed Availability

One of the primary benefits of pre-ordering furniture is that it guarantees you will get the item you want before it sells out again. In today's fast-paced consumer market, popular furniture pieces often fly off the shelves as soon as they become available. By pre-ordering, you secure your spot in line for the next shipment, ensuring that you won't miss out when the item is back in stock.

Cost-Efficiency Amid Rising Energy and Transportation Prices

As the world grapples with rising energy prices and economic uncertainty, consumers are looking for cost-effective ways to furnish their homes without breaking the bank. Pre-ordering furniture can be a budget-friendly strategy in such times.

Here's how pre-orders can save you money:

Locking in Current Prices: When you pre-order a furniture item, you typically pay for it at the time of purchase, even if it won't be delivered for several weeks. This means you lock in the current price, protecting yourself from potential price increases in the future due to rising energy costs or inflation.

Avoiding Impulse Purchases: Pre-ordering encourages more deliberate buying decisions. Instead of rushing to buy an in-stock item that may not be your ideal choice, you can patiently wait for the specific piece you desire, potentially avoiding costly mistakes.

Free or Affordable Delivery: Pre-ordering often comes with a set delivery date, typically within 7-8 weeks from the day of placing the order. This predictability can help you plan your expenses more efficiently, including any additional costs associated with home delivery. We offer free shipping for pre-orders within the UK (on

Early Dispatch Possibility: In some cases, pre-orders may be dispatched earlier than expected. We often strive to meet demand as quickly as possible, and if production and shipping schedules align favourably, you might receive your order sooner than the estimated delivery date.


Pre-orders have become valuable tools for both consumers and the furniture industry, especially during challenging economic times and when energy prices are on the rise. This purchasing option not only ensures that you secure the furniture you desire but also provide a cost-effective and budget-friendly way to invest in high-quality pieces for your home. By taking advantage of pre-orders, you can navigate the turbulent waters of the modern consumer market while staying within your budget and ensuring your living space is furnished to your liking.

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